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Thursday, June 13, 2013

1600 DXCC Challenge points overpassed !! Next target ... 1700 points !!

My buddies from DX Plus M.I. Hellenic Amateur Radio Team uploaded their SX5KL Dxpedition log to LotW, which gave me 3 new DXCC Challenge confirmations for SV5 (!!!) on 160/30/12 meters. Tnx a million for a great one, boyz !!

Believe it or not, even if you are a SV5 station, you cannot easily confirm your own entity on every band so easily ...

Maybe this happens because only a handful (or even less !!) SV5 stations use either LotW or RAAG bureau services, instead the majority of active ops demand a SASE + postage expenses, "money" as I like to call it.
If your purpose is to cover maintenance costs, guys, why don't you ask for some sponsorship from EU DX Foundation ?? ...

Anyway, with the new Challenge confirmations, my current (13/Jun/2013) DXCC Challenge totals has reached number 1601 !! That was a good target set back on late November 2012 and was relatively easily reached.

Next target set is 1700 DXCC Challenge points to reach until end of 2013 !!

Below, are my current DXCC Statistics from my LotW account, both for my current (SV5DKL) and my old (SV1DKL) callsigns:


At the same time, I have updated my current DXCC scores, which you can have a look at, clicking "My DXCC scores" tab at "My pages" column at the right side of this blog.
Enjoy Radio !!

Monday, June 10, 2013

2nd GTC CW Cup awarding ceremony ... 3rd GTC CW Cup on the way !!

Yesterday, 9th June 2013, during the Greek Hamfest organized by RAAG, was held the awarding ceremony of the 2nd GTC CW Cup, of the trophies and the paper awards for the respective winners of each category.

As I am the GTC CW Cup Manager, I had the honour to present the trophies and the paper awards to all winners that were present. Below are some photos from the event:

Further details at the official site of Greek Telegraphy Club at the following link:
With this awarding ceremony, another successful organization of the Greek Telegraphy Club has been completed.
Currently, we are finalizing the last details for the 3rd GTC CW Cup and a complete, fully detailed informative e-mail will follow in the upcoming days.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

11th World HST Championship - Borovets, Bulgaria - September 2013 - 2nd Official Bulletin

BFRA, being the Organizer of the 11th World High Speed Telegraphy Championship to be held in Borovets, Bulgaria during 22-26 September 2013, has issued just yesterday the 2nd Official Bulletin for the event.

You may read the original text clicking the following link: 2nd Official Bulletin

And for those that haven't already read the 1st Official Bulletin, here is the respective link: 1st Official Bulletin

Think seriously about participating in this large scale HST event. It will be a great fest and celebration of CW, where every CW lover will have the chance to meet with the best HSTers worldwide, make new friends and experience the participation in such an event, which is a real thrill, believe me !!


1st Balkan HST Championship - Official Results

1st Balkan HST Championship was held during 31 May - 2 June in Lovech, Bulgaria, with great success.
I was lucky to be there and participate in the championship, managing to finish 2nd in Category F (Males).

Below are the official results of the Championship, as distributed by the Organizing Committee:

and, below is my Certificate for my achievements in the Championship:

I also got a silver medal for this ranking, which will be uploaded soon at "My trophies" page at the right column of the present blog.

I enjoyed the most of the 1st Balkan HST Championship and I am really looking forward to the next main HST event, if it will not be the World HST Championship in coming September in Borovets, Bulgaria, it will definitely be the 2nd Balkan HST Championship next year in Romania.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

DARC DLD-400 Award Approved

It's been a while since I had applied for DLD-400 (at least 400 German DOKs confirmed) on 15m band, solely through DARC's DCL, in collaboration with

I recently got the approval and below is the finalized result of my application:

Soon, I will receive the original paper award + the respective DLD-400 lapel pin, to be included in "My Trophies" page.
I hope soon enough I will be able to apply for the DLD-500, too. I'm already half way there ;-)