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Thursday, June 28, 2012

DXCC Statistics

I have included at the My Pages section of this blog, a new page presenting my current DXCC statistics up to 28th June 2012. Take the time to have a glimpse of those. I will be keeping these records updated as time permits.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

6O0CW Log uploaded to LotW

6O0CW log has been uploaded to LotW and gave me a whooping 8 new bandslots for my DXCC Challenge award. Big thanks to Silvano, I2YSB for a fine DXpedition and to all the operators for giving us once again the thrill of the pile-ups. Looking forward to the next one from you, guys!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Trying to work a new one early in the morning ---> Late for work !!!

Earlier this morning and while getting ready for work, quickly snapped into the shack to get a glimpse of the DXCluster monitor, and there it was ... VP2ETE on 20m SSB spotted by EUs !! New bandslot for me, so quickly turned all gear on, but the amp (always the same mistake !!), turned the beam SP to VP2E and listened carefully for him making QSOs with West Coast. Despite my 100w shouts I couldn't get through for the first 3-4 minutes. It was time to get serious, as I was already late for work :-)
Switched on the amp, shouted once with full power and made it to a new bandslot for my DXCC Challenge. Got a 5/7 by Teddy, whom I thank very much for picking me out of the pile-up.
And while dust was slowly settling down on my shack's floor from this QSO, I had already left for work, driving like a maniac ... thankfully I arrived here in 1 piece !!
73s es have a nice day !!

Monday, June 18, 2012

CE1TT new one on 40m !!

Just before my early morning bicycle training, I thought I'd turn on the radios to check propagation. Surprise .. !! Worked CE1TT on 40m SSB at 7150 khz at 0215z with 5/5 copy. Great new bandslot for me, totalling 1861 worked DXCC Challenge bandslots and a nice 227 worked DXCCs on 40m !!
Next target is T31AA in the middle of the Pacific. Hope to work Craig on 40 or 20 meters one of these days.

Have a nice day.

Became happy owner of the DSW Paddel !!

Last week I received the DSW (Diplom Sammler Waterkant) Paddel, for which I had submitted my application just a couple of weeks before. It was applied for QSOs of my old callsign SV1DKL. Mine has nr. 704 and it is a beautiful addon to my trophies wall. If you also want to check if you can apply for it, too, take a look at the DSW site here and click at Diplomas on the left column. Read the rules of each award/trophy carefully and make sure to have a look at their new awards "Blinkfuer" with several beautiful trophies, quite hard to get, to be honest. Walter, DL1LBS was very helpful throughout the application process and provided some excellent service with shipping/packing etc. Thanks OM!
And below is my DSW Paddel waiting to get hung on my trophies wall.

Wood quality is superb and engraving done with pyrographer artist ... just great !!
73s to all.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2nd GTC CW Cup - 6 & 7 October 2012 - Rules

I hereby affix the renewed rules for the 2nd Greek Telegraphy Club CW Cup, which will be held on 6th October 2012 - 12:00z - 7th October 2012 - 1200z.
For the current list of G.T.C. members visit this link
Take note that during the 2nd G.T.C. CW Cup the club station SZ1GTC will be activated for the first time and will also be required for the (coming soon!) Worked GTC Members award.

On behalf of the G.T.C. CW Cup Organizing Committee,
Stathis, SV5DKL
European Communications Manager - Greek Telegraphy Club
G.T.C. #028

Here we go ... !!!

Welcome everyone to my brand new blog created on 13th June 2012.
I made the decision to use English, because this is a worldwide hobby, but also posts in Greek will be liable and welcome.
 I will try to share knowledge, experiences and opinions on various Amateur Radio subjects with all of you. Keep up with this blog to read news about my Radio Station in Rhodes Island, Dodecanese.
Station and antenna photos soon to be presented.
About my QSL policy: Though I am a bureau user, bureau QSL cards need to take a long journey to reach me, so you've got to be very patient. However, every card that is received is being answered the same way it arrived.
If you are in need of my paper QSL card, just send me yours via snail mail ( address is OK) with a SASE and sufficient return postage. Direct QSL requests are usually answered in a week's time from delivery.

73s to all for now and I will be happy to read any comments/suggestions about the looks of my new blog.