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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

4th GTC CW Cup - Final Ranking - Detailed Scores

Just today have come out the final results of the 4th GTC CW Cup, after log-checking, in the official site of GTC.

Trophy winner of Cat. A` (SOAB) is Mike, SV8GKE and trophy winner of Cat. B`(SOAB/QRP) is Dimitris, SV1JGW. Congratulations to both for their achievements.

You will find the official final rankings of the 4th GTC CW Cup in the following URLs:

1) In Greek:


2) In English:

Looking forward to the 5th GTC CW Cup now, to take place 1st weekend of coming October 2015. See you all there!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

YP10NATO Award

Returning home, after my participation in CQ WW CW DX Contest 2014, as M/S from SV1ENG's 2nd QTH in Kalamos, Attica Region, this is what I found in the mail:

It arrived automatically, without any applications in the first place. Nice going !!