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Sunday, February 23, 2014

DIG CEPT Diplom awarded

I wanted to apply for this specific award for years, since I first started showing interest for Diplom Interessen Gruppe awards and trophies, but it somehow lost my attention.

Being integrated into DARC`s DCL diplom system, it was easy to apply and be awarded this nice DIG CEPT Nr. 386 diplom.

Here it is:

Many thanks to Alfons, DJ8VC for all his invaluable help, throughout all of my award/trophy applications made via DCL.

6m season begins in SV5 !!

We clearly verified all signs of previous days, as well as last week`s VHF and up propagation forecast.

6m band opened up today for the first serious Trans-Equatorial Propagation (TEP) opening of the season.

ZS6WN was the first station to get audible in our area and was very easy to work. 559 both ways with no QSB/QRN.

Afterwards, ZS6BTE was heard, as well as another ZS station calling a S57.

So, 6m season seems to start on time here on SV5 land.

We`ll be looking for any occasional openings and will try to complete the 6m DXCC this summer, too.

Stathis, SV5DKL

Friday, February 21, 2014

DJ60DXMB Award - 60 years Jubilee of DARC's DX-Newsletter - 1954-2014

60 years ago, the first DXNL was published, by DX section of DARC e.V.

A commemorative Special event station under the callsign DJ60DXMB ,with a Special S-DOK 60DXMB and a respective 60DXMB Special award, will be aired for all 2014.

More detailed Info on the Special event and the conditions of the Special award, may be found here:

It is important that applications for 60DXMB award may only be applied through DARC's DCL system here:

I have already applied and was awarded 60DXMB Special award with Serial nr. 014, with a very simple procedure through DCL. Below is an image of my award:


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

YL WPX Trophy

Got another one !!

Another beautiful, prestigious plaque arrived today at my shack.
The YL WPX trophy is another great addition to my long ago acquired LY WPX Trophy Honor Roll Plaque.

Sam, LY5W, was very helpful and kind to send me this nice YL WPX Trophy which will decorate another empty space at our living room.

Below is the YL WPX Trophy nr. 3 acquired:

Info on how to obtain the YL WPX Trophy yourself can be found here:

and Trophy Holders list can be seen here:

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

WAS Triple Play Award arrived

The prestigious Worked All States Triple Play Award numbered 1008 arrived yesterday in the mailbox.

This was the outcome of MANY hours on-air, both in contests and in casual daily QSOs.

It is reminded that WAS TPA is available to all licensed amateur radio operators that have confirmed at least one QSO in SSB & CW & DATA with all 50 United States, solely by LotW confirmations.

Application procedure is done via LotW and once you fulfill the aforementioned prerequisites, applying becomes a piece of cake.