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Thursday, November 19, 2015

2015 Russian DX Contest awards in the mailbox

RDXC 2015 was a nice and fruitful, out-of-home participation for me. Mixing business with pleasure, I managed to respond to the kind invitation of my friend Sotiris, SV1BDO/3, to operate from his well-appointed station in Aigion, Peloponese, under his special call SX3B.

Running SB on 2 different bands was supported by RDXC rules and we took full advantage of it, enjoying 10 and 40 meters.

While on 40m our Antenna was a quarter-wave vertical with elevated radials, on 10m Sotiris had constructed a YU7EF design 5 element monobander which proved to be a real killer.

The outcome was even better ... 1st place WW on 10m and 5th place WW on 40m ... WOW !!

Here are the relevant paper awards received:

Monday, November 2, 2015

LY25LY - Lithuanian Independence Day

Another nice special event was activated by the Lithuanian Amateur Radio Society (LRMD), celebrating the Lithuanian Independence Day, during the first fortnight of March 2015.

Detailed info on this special event can be found here:

With three QSOs with special station LY25LY in different bands / modes would grant me a nice gift from LRMD, which was received a few weeks ago:

which is the sign of independence of Lithuania. It is embodied on a metal clasp lapel pin and already decorates my lapel pins hat !!