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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

5th GTC CW Cup final results are published!

Final results of the 5th GTC CW Cup have been published, at the Official Web site of the Greek Telegraphy Club:

Congratulations to trophy winners and to all the participants of both categories.


Thursday, May 19, 2016


Have been giving it a thought over and over again, during the past few months, so decided to update my QSL policy, regarding all my assigned callsigns.

My new policy just had to be in line with my amateur radio motto:

"SV5 for all, for free" 

Having already updated the related registration pages for all of my assigned callsigns, my new QSL policy update, effective since May 15th, 2016, should be posted on this blog, as well.

The new QSL policy is summarized into the following (9) fundamental sentences:

1)   I no longer collect paper QSL cards, so it not necessary to send me yours, unless you wish to.

2)   Each Monday I upload last week's logs to LoTW, Clublog, and once every few months to logbook.

3)   I will still use the outgoing QSL services of RAAG's QSL Bureau.

4)   If you really need my paper QSL card, it's best to use my OQRS direct request, as it's fast, secure and most reliable. Just visit:

5)   I have enabled OQRS for the following callsigns: SV5DKL, SV1DKL, J41DKL, J41Y, SX5R and SV5/SV1DKL.

6)   If you choose to proceed with an OQRS Bureau request, bare in mind that it may take 0.5 - 2 years till you receive my card.

7)   If you are not able to use OQRS system, you can either send me a direct QSL request via my snail mail address, or just e-mail me the QSO data you would like to receive a paper QSL card via the bureau for. Direct QSL requests are usually answered in a week's time from delivery.

8)   Every incoming QSL card will be answered the same way it arrived.

9)   For special calls I have used in the past (J41DKL, J41Y, SX5R) please don't use the bureau, due to services restrictions of RAAG's QSL bureau.

Everyone that follows this QSL exchange policy is definitely going to get a QSO confirmation.

Stathis, SV5DKL