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My Trophies

New addition since June 22nd, 2012:
The Echter HolzHammer nr. 2717 registered to my old callsign SV1DKL

Also, with those came the HolzHammer Diplom nr. 3584/22.6.12

The above two are new additions as of August 13th, 2012. Of course, with the DARC DLD-300 Lapel Pin, came in the relevant paper award for 15m / Mixed Mode and at least 300 German DOKs confirmed.

The following arrived on the August 23rd, 2012. From top to bottom are: EU-DX-D 1000 Trophy Front Side, EU-DX-D 1000 Trophy Rear Side,
EU-DX-D Badge (Lapel Pin),
EU-DX-D Diplom Front Side,
EU-DX-D Diplom Rear Side

The following is a new addition to my Trophies collection, since 27th November 2012. It is the WAE-TOP Plaque by DARC e.V. which was applied for, checked and completed solely through DARC's DCL online system. Tnx for all dear Wolf, DF8AA.
Next, looking forward to obtaining the WAE-Trophy!!

The following is a prestigious plaque by Latvia, the YL WPX Trophy. Arrived at the shack on February 18th, 2014. Serial number of my plaque is Nr. 3 !!!

A most prestigious plaque follows: The WPX Award of Excellence. A not so easy trophy to acquire.

Celebrating 60 years of NATO, Special event station DR60NATO was activated from 1st April 2009 till 31st March 2010 and the following Sonder-QSL was available by the Amateur Radio Crew Bundeswehr - Garrison Daun :

Below is the plaque for my 3rd place in Cat. A of the 2nd Balkan HF Contest held in February 2015:

Here is the beautiful Knotboard by DSW (Diplom -Sammler Waterkant) Nr. 450 achieved in August 2015:

 Below is a metal clasp pin, embodying the sign of Lithuanian Independence. Acquired after 3 QSOs with LY25LY special event station, celebrating Lithuania Independence Day during March 2015:

 And here is a 3D printout of DARC's Worked All Germany 2016 Contest Medal for my participation:

A perfectly organized event by URE was held on Autumn 2016, in order to commemorate 400 years from the death of Cervantes. After the event, any participant purchase a commemorative crystal medallion, which is really eye-catching and beautiful. Here is mine:

Here's the pair to an above plaque I've won; this is from the 4th Balkan HF Contest ... 3rd place and best SV ... again !!

Below is a beautiful trophy for my 3rd place in Europa Diplom Honor Roll 2016
and it was awarded to me by Europa Diplom manager, Georg Tretow, DL4SVA:

and what follows is a nice bust of Pythagoras with my callsign engraved on its base, for my performance at Aegean DX RTTY 2016 Contest. It was awarded
to me by contest manager Alex Karpathiou, SV8CYR. Mni tnx, Alex!
Pythagoras from Samos island was a famous ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher.

The legacy goes on ... Best Greek station plaque for my participation in the 5th Balkan HF Contest 2018:

   OK/OM DX CW Contest 2016. New plaque design. Very impressive. Won in Single Op 20 meters Low Power Category:




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