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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

6m DXCC and 10 Bands DXCC complete !!

Yesterday's Es opening on 6m band was an apocalypse for me.

Two new ones were worked in CW, which topped me at #100 worked DXCC entities on 6m and made my day !!

JY9FC, as well as EA9PY were worked with relative ease and good signals, in a somewhat "wide" paneuropean sporadic E opening.


It is now time to start confirming all those new ones, in order to fill-in my applications for 6m DXCC & 160m DXCC, as well as for 10B DXCC.

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Gert, ZS6AYU, is making a ham radio trip to Botswana and Zimbabwe between 16-23/05/2014 (more info here:, with A25GF and Z21GF callsigns, respectively.

He was so strong on 6m CW as A25GF on the 16th of May, that I worked him beaming NW Europe and with just 50w !! Nonetheless, when I turned the antenna to his direction, he was coming in with a rich 5/9+10 db signal !!

Botswana was a new one for me on 6m, getting my 6m worked DXCCs number at #98. A couple left to achieve 10B DXCC. Although, it shall not be too difficult to achieve this, GJ, OH0, HB0, GD, C3 and GU are all new ones to my 6m worked list, and while many of them were spotted lately, propagation was fooling around with my area, here in the most southeastern tip of Europe.

I hope prop will favor me in the next weeks and make me happy, again!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

TZ6BB Mali my #97 DXCC on 6m

6m openings season is continuing ...

Yesterday's evening opening gave me a brand new one on 6m, TZ6BB (op. EA4BB - Fernando) from Bamako in Mali.

Having worked Fernando got me to #97 DXCC entities worked on 6m and it looks like my 10B DXCC will be finally completed this summer, if openings like these keep showing up.

Fernando has been kind enough to upload his logs to Clublog on a daily basis, so I could confirm our QSO data:

Log to search:TZ6BB
34055 QSOs logged up to 07/May/2014 07:56Z
Callsign to check:

34055 QSOs logged up to 07/May/2014 07:56Z

and my direct QSL request will be immediately sent to his manager, W3HNK.

12/05/2014 UPDATE:

Mali confirmed on 6m through LotW:

8 Records Shown (1-8)
Sorted by Call sign (0.001026 seconds elapsed)
Showing DXCC Award data for

 Call signWorkedDate/TimeBandModeFreqQSL DXCC
DetailsSV5DKLTZ6BB2014-05-06 17:42:326MCW50.106070MALISelected6M; Challenge
DetailsSV5DKLTZ6BB2013-10-26 15:30:4320MSSB14.111000MALIMixed; Phone; 20M; Challenge
DetailsSV5DKLTZ6BB2013-10-26 15:30:0715MSSB21.135000MALIMixed; Phone; 15M; Challenge
DetailsSV5DKLTZ6BB2013-10-26 15:29:3010MSSB28.546000MALISelectedPhone
DetailsSV5DKLTZ6BB2013-04-21 14:05:3612MCW24.893000MALISelected12M; Challenge
DetailsSV5DKLTZ6BB2013-04-20 20:40:4220MCW14.054000MALISelected20M; Challenge
DetailsSV5DKLTZ6BB2013-04-13 13:31:3510MCW28.009680MALISelected10M; Challenge
DetailsSV5DKLTZ6BB2013-02-03 13:17:0015MCW21.017360MALIMixed; CW; 15M; Challenge

Friday, May 2, 2014

6m Strong Es combined with TEP

Today, 1st of May, a national holiday in Greece, there was a great 6m opening
early in the evening. 

It started off with a very strong Sporadic E propagation between Southern Greece and Italy/Spain. Then, it moved a bit to the north, up to 9A, then it expanded up to EA6 and later on, TEP showed up with South Americans being heard to our part of the world.

At 16:22z the first Italian was contacted with a big signal, as were most Italians and Sicilians, during the Es opening. A bit later, and among making QSOs with Italians only, EA6XQ stopped by to say hello with a good 5/9 signal. A S57 station called in at 16:44z and at 16:51z, after C5YK was spotted on the DX Cluster, I called him too, for a new one on 6m (#95).

QRB with C5YK approximately 5130 Kms !!

After that, a few 9As and Italians kept filling my log, up to 17:18 when short skip Sporadic E showed up and my good friend Leo, SV2DCD, called me with a decent signal and we took the chance to chat for a few moments. Great QSO, indeed !!

Last QSO of today`s sporadic was made at 17:37z with an Italian station. Later on, at 20:16z, I had a TEP QSO with ZP6CW with a good 559 signal coming in. Other south Americans were heard, too, but not as strong as the Paraguayan station.

In total, 77 QSOs were made during these openings today, 68 of which were Italians, 1x EA6, 1x C5, 3x 9A, 1x S5, 1x 9H, 1x ZP and 1x SV.

Shown below are the today`s QSOs in Google Earth`s projections: