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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beautiful Trophies arrived in the mailbox at the same day !!

Just yesterday, I found in the mailbox 2 envelopes from Germany, rather big.

One was a beautiful Trophy by DARC, the EUROPA-DIPLOM EUROPA 300 Trophy Plaque, with my callsign and number 369 engraved.

The second was DARC's DLD 300 Standard Diplom for Mixed Mode 15m only QSOs with at least 300 different DL DOKs, and award number 32117. Included with this award, as with all DLD awards with over 300 DOKs confirmed, was a beautiful Lapel Pin with a large DARC logo and "DLD 300" addon side text.

Below you may see these nice Trophies / Awards and also at "My Trophies" section of this blog, at the right side of your screen, under "My Pages" section:

All of these Trophies / Awards, were applied for online through DARC's DCL (DARC Contest Logbook). DCL guys have done a magnificent job integrating DCL system with LotW confirmed QSOs, so one can automatically check whether one can apply for a certain award/trophy or not, and in which class. I find DCL a great tool, both for the German awards hunters, but also for the casual contesters.
I urge everyone, especially those of you that are LotW users, to enroll in DCL by visiting their home page here , registration is fast and easy, and check which of available supported awards here you are eligible to apply for. Currently, 19 awards with their relevant trophies (where applicable) are supported in DCL, but I am sure in the future they will add more.

FYI, I have already applied for and had my applications checked and accepted for the following Trophies, which I expect to arrive soon:

- WAE (Worked All Europe) TOP Plaque in Mixed Mode

- Europa RTTY Diplom (EURD) Trophy, which is a really fine Trophy to decorate my Trophies/Awards corner.

Keep up with my blog to find out when those two arrive and how they look.

73s from Rhodes Island.

Stathis, SV5DKL

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