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Monday, August 5, 2013

EU HF Championship 2013 by SCC

Slovenia Contest Club (SCC) organized again a fine contesting event, the European HF Championship 2013, which despite being held in a contest-reluctant period, it yet attracts hundreds of participants ... including myself.

I only took part for a few hours into a part-time participation, since Mojitos by the seaside were calling for me all day long ;-)

Joined the SOMBLP SSB category and managed to reach 231 QSOs, working quite a few mults, as well.

Oldest licensee that checked in my log has been an amateur since 1955 !! Good going, OM !!

Filled in all intermediate years from 1967 to 2013, so very nice indeed to see participation from all age ranges.

Below is a EU map of my QSO dispersion:

and here is a link to the respective .KML file, for any reference:
All contest audio has been recorded by Writelog for Windows, and is available through a searchable contest audio database, clicking the following link:
Enjoy Contesting !!

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