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Friday, February 21, 2014

DJ60DXMB Award - 60 years Jubilee of DARC's DX-Newsletter - 1954-2014

60 years ago, the first DXNL was published, by DX section of DARC e.V.

A commemorative Special event station under the callsign DJ60DXMB ,with a Special S-DOK 60DXMB and a respective 60DXMB Special award, will be aired for all 2014.

More detailed Info on the Special event and the conditions of the Special award, may be found here:

It is important that applications for 60DXMB award may only be applied through DARC's DCL system here:

I have already applied and was awarded 60DXMB Special award with Serial nr. 014, with a very simple procedure through DCL. Below is an image of my award:


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