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Sunday, May 18, 2014


Gert, ZS6AYU, is making a ham radio trip to Botswana and Zimbabwe between 16-23/05/2014 (more info here:, with A25GF and Z21GF callsigns, respectively.

He was so strong on 6m CW as A25GF on the 16th of May, that I worked him beaming NW Europe and with just 50w !! Nonetheless, when I turned the antenna to his direction, he was coming in with a rich 5/9+10 db signal !!

Botswana was a new one for me on 6m, getting my 6m worked DXCCs number at #98. A couple left to achieve 10B DXCC. Although, it shall not be too difficult to achieve this, GJ, OH0, HB0, GD, C3 and GU are all new ones to my 6m worked list, and while many of them were spotted lately, propagation was fooling around with my area, here in the most southeastern tip of Europe.

I hope prop will favor me in the next weeks and make me happy, again!

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