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Monday, June 16, 2014

6m short skip Es made for my #101 DXCC (Z3)

Yesterday it was a challenging day for 6m. Es clouds everywhere, short skip present, long distance contacts easy at the same time ... fantastic!

I hadn't worked Z3 on 6m, although we are very close. But, yesterday's opening gave me 3 QSOs with Z3 stations, Z30U in SSB and Z35T & Z35Z in CW, for my DXCC entity #101 on 6m.

Between these QSOs, British stations were also quite strong here, worked a dozen of them, most of which were EIs. Kept monitoring the band for any transatlantic QSO, but it did not happen.

What was also very interesting was the fact that I worked an EA8 who was stronger when beaming to the North Pole (almost 90 deg. off his QTF) and a few Ukrainians that were stronger when beaming to Southwestern Europe (almost 80 deg. off their QTF).

Looks like we are having a somewhat unstable but very active 6m season.

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