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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

CQ WW SSB 2013 Award - Country Record or World Record ?? Will you decide, pse ??

Yesterday, I received the following contest award from CQ magazine, for my participation in 2013's CQ WW DX SSB Contest in SOAB(A)/HP category:

You obviously noticed the "New World Record" remark at the bottom part, didn't you ??!!?? Although, I came 15th in EU, no ?? HUH ???

Well, I got suspicious and checked the automated electronic award creation from and this is what I got:

Apparently, that was a funny error (let's call it "bug") by the printer of CQ Magazine. Checking against the records at, indeed, I find myself to have set a new country record for Dodecanese in SOAB(A)/HP.

It's settled now ... I hope !!

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