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Thursday, November 19, 2015

2015 Russian DX Contest awards in the mailbox

RDXC 2015 was a nice and fruitful, out-of-home participation for me. Mixing business with pleasure, I managed to respond to the kind invitation of my friend Sotiris, SV1BDO/3, to operate from his well-appointed station in Aigion, Peloponese, under his special call SX3B.

Running SB on 2 different bands was supported by RDXC rules and we took full advantage of it, enjoying 10 and 40 meters.

While on 40m our Antenna was a quarter-wave vertical with elevated radials, on 10m Sotiris had constructed a YU7EF design 5 element monobander which proved to be a real killer.

The outcome was even better ... 1st place WW on 10m and 5th place WW on 40m ... WOW !!

Here are the relevant paper awards received:

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