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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Trying to work a new one early in the morning ---> Late for work !!!

Earlier this morning and while getting ready for work, quickly snapped into the shack to get a glimpse of the DXCluster monitor, and there it was ... VP2ETE on 20m SSB spotted by EUs !! New bandslot for me, so quickly turned all gear on, but the amp (always the same mistake !!), turned the beam SP to VP2E and listened carefully for him making QSOs with West Coast. Despite my 100w shouts I couldn't get through for the first 3-4 minutes. It was time to get serious, as I was already late for work :-)
Switched on the amp, shouted once with full power and made it to a new bandslot for my DXCC Challenge. Got a 5/7 by Teddy, whom I thank very much for picking me out of the pile-up.
And while dust was slowly settling down on my shack's floor from this QSO, I had already left for work, driving like a maniac ... thankfully I arrived here in 1 piece !!
73s es have a nice day !!

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