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Monday, June 18, 2012

Became happy owner of the DSW Paddel !!

Last week I received the DSW (Diplom Sammler Waterkant) Paddel, for which I had submitted my application just a couple of weeks before. It was applied for QSOs of my old callsign SV1DKL. Mine has nr. 704 and it is a beautiful addon to my trophies wall. If you also want to check if you can apply for it, too, take a look at the DSW site here and click at Diplomas on the left column. Read the rules of each award/trophy carefully and make sure to have a look at their new awards "Blinkfuer" with several beautiful trophies, quite hard to get, to be honest. Walter, DL1LBS was very helpful throughout the application process and provided some excellent service with shipping/packing etc. Thanks OM!
And below is my DSW Paddel waiting to get hung on my trophies wall.

Wood quality is superb and engraving done with pyrographer artist ... just great !!
73s to all.

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