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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Antennas' Performance

My most recent antenna installation upgrade was a new MAAS X-300N V/U vertical. With an overall length of 3,30m, this vertical is working very nicely, paired to my Yaesu FT-8800R and I am currently using it for my APRS Server (see

Special care was taken for the insulation of all joints and bare parts of the antenna to protect from humidity, sea salts and salty air. A layer of hydrophobic adhesive tape was applied on all those parts, then a double layer of 3M rubber self-amalgamating tape, then a single layer of good quality PVC electrical tape and on top of those, I installed a thick heat-shrinking tube.

Coaxial cable used was Belden H100 terminated with Ultimax N-Type connectors at both ends.

Here is how the antenna's SWR measures across 2m & 70cm amateur bands:

My older Diamond X-300N in its new higher position and after maintenance, measures the following SWR across 2m & 70cm amateur bands:

And, finally, my trustworthy Cushcraft A3S still performs as per manufacturer's specifications and exhibits the following SWR across 20m/15m/10m amateur bands:

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