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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

No more $$$ Green Stamps, PSE !!!

Well, if things were different I should be blowing my hats off !!

But, it's been just over a fortnight since CQ WW SSB 2012 Contest, and I have already received over 200 direct QSL requests !!

OK, I know propagation was good, I know that for lots of you guys I have been a new one on 10m, I know that many of you have never received your preciously awaited QSL from some other SV5 station in the past, even after sending your valued Green Stamps and your SASE, but ...

I must have got almost 350 Green Stamps (USD) and about 40-50 IRCs from those direct requests. Now, I have to reply to all (200) and if you deduct the ones that will be exchanged with a mailing stamp, I have to pay for the other (about) 150. And I have to pay in EUR. To be honest, Green Stamps are useless to me. After all, I don't belong to the group of G.S. collectors nor am I making a second by-income out of our beautiful hobby.
So, here is my preposition which is in line with my long ago stated QSL policy through this blog ( :
If you only need a confirmation of our QSO for your ARRL DXCC awards, you just have to be a member of ARRL's LotW (Logbook of the World), which is an innovative, free and very efficient solution for your online QSO confirmations. I am uploading my logs every week, so if you've worked me, you'll have the QSO confirmed for sure !!
On the other hand, if you belong to the old-school and want to have my paper QSL in your collection, just send me your card with your SASE and an IRC, no USD, no GBP, no coins, no gold/silver, etc. An IRC is the best solution for me; it even makes the whole procedure faster when at the Post Office. As stated in my QSL policy, all incoming direct requests are being answered within a week's time, provided the above are met.
For your convenience, here is a sample of a valid IRC, currently being accepted:

Of course, I also reply to bureau cards, but I scarcely receive cards from that direction, about 1-2 times per year. So the turnaround for your bureau QSL request could take up at least 1-1,5 years. However, every QSL card received is being answered exactly the same way it reached me, so even through QSL bureau, eventually you are going to get my card.

Again, please have in mind that I am NOT interested in Green Stamps and I don't make on-air traffic for extra income. I am enjoying radio as every one of us and I am always happy to give a "new one" LotW confirmation (and not only !!). Many have emailed me about this QSLing "attitude", congratulating, etc. , but I have always replied that I am just doing what is common sense.


Stathis, SV5DKL



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