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Friday, December 21, 2012

Interference on 3780 KHz by National Broadcasting Station ERA of South Aegean

Until recently, one of Greece's National Broadcasting MW Radio Stations, called ERA of South Aegean (or ERA of Rhodes, for some!!), transmitted with power output of 100 KW on 1494Khz AM.

So far, OK ...

They decided, for some reason not known to me, to QSY their TX frequency to 1260KHz. They kept on announcing the frequency change from all their official frequencies (on AM/FM/SW).

The QSY took place a few days ago and guess what ... I tuned my FT-2000`s receiver on 75m band and ... there it is ... the proud and strong 3rd harmonic of ERA is right on 3780KHz (1260 x 3) with a nice 5/9+30db carrier ...

Actually, I get a 5/9 interference carrier from 3774 to 3786 (when in AM) and from 3772 to 3789.5 (when in LSB).

My QTH`s distance from the antennas of ERA is about 3 kilometers, but several other radio amateurs from our area that live farther, have cross-checked and confirmed the exact same interference.

Obviously we are in front of a known-source RF interference which is conflicting with the Amateur Radio Service. And, of course, it is not hard to guess that no study has been elaborated, in order to find out about this conflict, before deciding the change of frequency.

It is just funny, because Amateur Radio Community has battled hard to get broadcast stations off the 40m band, with obvious positive results, and now, for no reason, another QRO broadcasting station`s harmonics are invading our authorized and worldwide legally authenticated radio spectrum.

Just have in mind that in accordance with the official IARU Region 1 Band Plan, the portion of 3700-3800 KHz is preferred for SSB contest operation, and most important, 3760 KHz is Region 1 Emergency Centre of Activity which could easily be interfered by the aforementioned harmonic. Moreover, the portion of 3775-3800 Khz is used by priority for Intercontinental Activity (DX).

The HQ of RAAG has been informed by me on this issue and they are going to take imminent and evasive action about it.

More news to follow ...

Stay tuned!

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