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Monday, January 28, 2013

HST updates ...

Well, it looks like 2013 is a fruitful HST year. Lots of events, new targets set, new friends made, new travels enjoyed ... well, sure that is better than sniffing what your radio neighbours are saying on the local VHF frequencies, waiting for the worst time to attack them ...

So, back to the good stuff ...

Take a good look at this article on IARU's Region 1 official web site and read on Oliver's (Z32TO) list of HST events to take place this year. Bulgaria's BFRA is organizing two main HST events, one is the 1st Balkan HST championship, scheduled to take place end of May and of course, the 11th World High Speed Telegraphy Championship to take place between 22 and 26 September. Both of these events sound quite interesting to me and since they are being held in my neighbourhood, I will attend one of them for sure, and try to make some plans to attend the other, too.

A bit sooner, in the first 5 days of May, HST World Cup wil be held in Serbia by SRS. Sounds like a nice event, too, but it's Easter time here during that period and I cannot make any plans to attend.

There is also going to be held the DTP by DARC in Germany, and another event in Belarus, but those two are more "local" events, so I will just be monitoring the athletes' results.

The vast majority of you out there, is unaware of what exactly happens in HST Championships and how they are organized. Well, thanks to my good friend Vicky, SV2KBS, please find below a couple of links for the current HST rules in effect and also the current World Records per sport and per category:

Also, if you go to and search for "High Speed Telegraphy", you will come across a few very interesting videos, to give you a glimpse of what is going on there.
Moreover, in the site of RufZ software you will find a new tag named "Movies" ... most interesting videos in there, too !!
Finally, below is the link to the 1st official Bulletin of the 11th World HST Championship to be held in Borovets, Bulgaria. Those of you that are interested, read it on and examine the possibility to join in.
73s from Rhodes Island
Stathis, SV5DKL

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