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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hell is about to break loose ... CQ WW SSB 2013 !!


CQ WW RTTY was a nice warm-up. But, we've finally come to the best event of the best.

Next weekend we are all participating in CQ WW DX SSB 2013 Contest.

I've had several emails asking for potential skeds, during the contest, etc.

I arranged 0 (zero) skeds. I believe having a sked will make it more difficult to stick to the strategy plans. Maybe a few nice mults on 160m would be helpful to sked with, though.

Gentlemen, CQ WW SSB is ... WAR !! Speed and accuracy are what you need, combined with the best sleeping strategy you can get, as well as keeping up with propagation predictions.

Personally, I will participate in SOAB(A)HP category, under (TS) sub-category, which means, tireness, blazed vision on evening of day 2, taking the station to its limits and "fighting" with the best contesters worldwide.

For every potential participant, please try to respect the band plan and stick to the crucial points of DX Code of Conduct, for instance, if you don't hear the mult, don't call in vain making it harder for others that copy the mult, etc... , you will eventually get your chance, too.

All contest audio will be recorded and I am also thinking of streaming it together with the total scores window of my contest program. Keep returning to this post for any potential update, mentioning the stream's URL.

Many interesting calls will be aired during the contest. Have a good look at this URL: and mark your targets !!!

All of my contest QSOs will be uploaded to LotW, as always on Monday morning.

CU all on the air

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