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Thursday, April 9, 2015

SX150ITU Award - Celebrating 150 years of International Telecommunications Union

As with almost all National Amateur Radio Societies, R.A.A.G. activates the Special event Station SX150ITU, to celebrate 150 years anniversary of the International Telecommunications Union.

Activation will take place from 1st. to 30th April 2015. Detailed Info about the event may be found under the respective registration at

Several members of RAAG, including myself, are activating the Special call around the clock, throughout the HF bands in all major modes.

A commemorative award is available in three (3) different classes (Gold, Silver & Bronze) to stations that will make at least three (3) 2-way contacts on different bands, regardless of the mode of operation.

I already got mine ;-)   >>>

Try it for yourself, too !!

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