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Monday, March 4, 2013

Rate is King !!

I have just recently come across a very interesting web site with loads of contest statistics.
It is evidently known I am a statistics fan, so I dug into this site and was happy to see they have a QSO RATES statistics section. You know, WW, per continent, per power category, per DXCC entity and so on. They even have the whole hour-logs, too, for anyone's review !!

Here is the link to the best rates in Europe/Single Operator category:

,which is my usual category entry.
Browsing the results, I was happy to see my callsign come up at relatively high rankings in SSB/HP and CW/HP sections and also sharing 1st place with MD2C at Low Power CW section !!
Several other Greek Amateur Radio Stations are amongst these listings and at high rankings, too.
It seems that making the logs public has led to this (and other) outcome.
Kudos to Valery, R5GA, who has done a tremendous job at and I am anxious to see his next steps. 

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