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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Unbelievable use of English on-air !!

I can't stop thinkink & laughing about this, so I just had to share it with my readers.
In order not to personally insult anyone, no names, callsigns, or Greek call areas will be mentioned.

Browsing late one night on the SSB part of 75m, I stopped by a frequency where Greek amateur radio stations were working DX (SVxxxx & company !!).
One of the guys, who apparently got the strongest signal, at least, here in Rhodes, was misusing English language in a really funny way.

So, when you give the signal report to the correspondent, it is not always "five-nine" even at cases where he is barely a Q5, and in NO case should you give a "Fight Knight" or better, a "Fight Night" ... !!!

Either of the two latter could lead to peculiar hallucinations or personal injury, so it's better to stick to the initial "Five-Nine", to my opinion ...

And before I stopped holding my belly from laughters, here we go again: Mixing "Over!" with "Roger Roger ??" is still something that had never crossed my mind in the past !! I wouldn't want to be named Roger and be the correspondent of this fellow ham ... it would cause some kind of mix-up for sure ...

Nevertheless, still it is very good that even people with little knowledge of foreign languages, enjoy their stations by getting on the air and doing their best to work DX stations. Actually, this specific guy received the best signal reports amongst all others in the company !!

Keep up the good work, guys !!

I will be happy to monitor your transmissions.

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