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Monday, April 22, 2013

Contest Audio Database growing ...

As promised in my previous post ( on my CQ WPX SSB 2013 participation, the respective audio files have been edited properly and uploaded into my Online Searchable Contest Audio Database.

As my participation was limited to 80m, significant less work was required to on the audio files. For all those that have sent me e-mails asking several technical questions on this matter, here is my solution in synopsis:
  • All recording sessions are done via Writelog for Windows with the Lame MP3 codec.
  • Echo microphone when transmit is always enabled.
  • MONI function on my rigs is always on.
  • Post contest editing is done with Sony's Sound Forge v9.0 and in particular, I am using the Wave Hammer plugin and after that the Envelope function, in order to normalize my audio to 6db level.
  • The final audio files are about 14,6 MB / 1 hour of recorded audio. So for a full 48-hour participation total audio size would be somewhat 700,8 MB ... that is a single CD-ROM !!
  • The source code of my Online Searchable Contest Audio Database is courtesy of and it runs on a PHP 5.0 server.
  • Few interventions made in the source code are my courtesy and were required in order to make this whole thing feasible.
I had to change the initial web site, in order to include more contests. It is now ready and will be very easily expanded in the future with no fuss at all.

Whether we had a QSO or not during the contests, you may visit my Online Searchable Contest Audio Database clicking the following link and even get a downloadable clip of our contact:

Enjoy !!
73s from Rhodes
Stathis, SV5DKL

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