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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

International Naval Contest 2012 Results are out !!

Just a couple of hours before the start of CQ WPX SSB 2013, and while warming up my setup, I received an e-mail from Gerhard, OE1GTU with the results of International Naval Contest 2012.
I have been taking part in this event for quite a few years, but never was struggling too hard for a top place.
Also, in my class of participation (Class F - Non Naval), there was always a good amount of participants, many of them being ex Radio Officers, now having plenty of time for radio ;-) ,so only if I devoted myself fully to the contest would I have reached the top rankings.
That is what I did for INC-2012 and it paid off. Finished in 2nd place, behind RF9C, who was ahead by about 75% score, while YL2TB ended up 3rd with a very marginal 2226 points difference !!

You may find the results of all categories by clicking the following link:

and the results of category Class-F (Non Naval stations) by clicking here:

And here is the certificate for my performance, Gerhard kindly sent me via e-mail:
I am now looking forward to receiving the respective engraved plaque awarded to rankings 1st-3rd of each category.