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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

ZK3N and ZS8Z in the log ... 2 all-time new ones at the same day !!


That was a good radio day.
You know, chasing DXpeditions from rare entities of the planet, sometimes makes you forget about other, more common entities, yet with the same interest level.
This is when one realizes that from the rare entities one still misses for Honor Roll, etc., some of them are not so rare, after all ...

I had worked ZK3 in the past with my old callsign SV1DKL from Athens, yet it was an all-time new one for my currently active callsign SV5DKL.  Yesterday evening local, ZK3N was filling my DXCluster spots and I just had to make the QSO with them. Shortly after having seen them spotted on 20m RTTY, I was there and they already had formed quite a huge pileup. Calling more than 5 KHz up I managed to get through in my 3rd or 4th call.
Thanks for a new one, guys! I hope to work you on other bands, too.

Before settling down from my effort with ZK3N, just less than an hour after, ZS8Z was spotted on 14155 QSX 5 up. Like a reflex, I was already turning my A3S to South, while at the same time searching in DX-World for more info. In the past, I had worked a ZS9, a ZS0 but they were just plain old South Africa.
That was it! ZS8Z was on the base of Prince Edward & Marion Island (AF-021). I copied him with a very good and clear signal, so it was a matter of seconds, as it was !! Many thanks also to you David, for a second new one at the same day !! Btw, ZS8 was an all-time new DXCC entity for every one of my issued callsigns. Enjoy your stay on the Base, David. We will have QSOs on other bands, also.


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Anonymous said...

Sorry to say ZS8Z was a pirate ( entry of ZS8Z : I will only be QRV once the ship departs with the old team around about middle May 2013).

GL !