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Monday, July 29, 2013

RSGB IOTA Contest 2013 - Aftermath

Once again, a full weekend is over ...

Family schedule was inavoidable, so between swimming with my baby daughter at the seaside and home shopping on Saturday evening, as well as going out for a coffee on Sunday morning, I participated in this year's RSGB IOTA contest.

IOTA supports 12 hour participations, which was perfect for my schedule, so I organized my operating strategy accordingly. Last minute decision was my participation category. After a long period, I decided it was time to try an all SSB participation, so I took part as SOAB(A)SSB 12H LP from my home QTH in Rhodes Island, Dodecanese, with IOTA ref. nr. EU-001.

I did not expect to have so much traffic due to this, but on the contrary, I made my best ever score in IOTA, exactly 1,2 Mio points with 850 QSOs in total.

My strategy was to work more on 40m/80m, in order to work more EU mults, to compensate for the non-standard mult gathering of 10m/15m, which seemed to work as calculated.

As an aftermath, I concluded that IOTA final score depends mostly on worked multipliers, no matter the casual traffic.

In general, it was a very good lesson to learn for next year's event. Surely, next year will do more S&P.

Low bands antenna system calibrated during last winter performed quite well on 40m/80m, despite the humidity QRN on 40m. High bands antenna was again the Cushcraft A3S and my FT-2K ran smooth at ~95W during the whole contest.
I used Writelog with DXCluster support and contest audio recording.
Here is a link to my best 10-minute rate audio file:

And here is a link to the contest analysis statistics, produced by SH5 software:
Stations worked on 4 out of 5 bands were: CS5DX, CT3DL, G6PZ, GM2T, OH6RX and PI4DX.
My contest log has already been uploaded to LotW.
Congratulations to J49A for a good score from Dia island, EU-187 (my neighbours).
Looking forward to the results in RSGB IOTA Contest web site.

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