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Monday, July 1, 2013

RSGB IOTA Contest 2013 coming up !!

This year's RSGB's IOTA Contest is special, because RSGB celebrates its Centenary, since it was founded back in 1913.

That is why, there are special awards for those participating in VHF Field Day or RSGB IOTA Contest.

Specifically for the latter, all you need to have is at least 100 QSOs including 20 multipliers, in order to be eligible for these special awards.

The dates, rules, and all information you may need on 2013's RSGB IOTA Contest may be found here.
If you are interested in the announced IOTA operations for the IOTA Contest, just visit NG3K's respective site here.
And, if you're interested in the RSGB IOTA Programme in general, here is the official web site.
Following last couple of years' top rankings in my participation categories, I will be again present in the IOTA Contest, putting EU-001 on-air from my home QTH in the island of Rhodes. I will decide my category of participation, most possibly, the day before the contest, due to several other commitments.
73 es hpe to cu on air during the IOTA Contest.
Stathis, SV5DKL
Rhodes Island, EU-001


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