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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Well, well ... what is this ??

Had a notification of courier mail on my door today, so just went out for a walk and passed by the courier service office to pick up my package.

It was from Austria ... "Hmmm ... I am not expecting anything from Austria, hmmm ..." 

Opening it up this is what I found inside:

 Hmmm ...

Hmmmmmmm ...

What could be inside this nice box ??

Having heard of the news today, that a package exploded in the Greek Postal Services premises, which headed for some high-ranked guy, I got skeptical ...
Nah ... I haven`t hurt anyone, nor am I high-ranked ... let`s open the damned thing:

How could I forget one of my favorite contest`s last year participation ??
It was a very nice present from my good friend Gerhard, OE1GTU and a fine pay off for my effort in 2012`s International Naval Contest.

Really looking forward to INC-2013.

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