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Friday, January 3, 2014

OQRS (On-Line QSL Request System) now available for all my callsigns

Effective from today, I have setup OQRS (On-Line QSL Request System) for all of my registered callsigns:
  1. SV5DKL
  2. SV1DKL
  3. J41DKL
  4. J41Y
  5. SX5R
  6. SV5/SV1DKL
Having evaluated OQRS's usefulness, especially when one wants to easily confirm a new one, and after many, many, many e-mails requesting me to start using such a service, I decided that this was the optimum solution for each one of you that has contacted me on-air over my Amateur Radio career and hasn`t confirmed our QSO with a QSL card.

So, very easily, just search my respective log in ClubLog (e.g.:, like depicted below:

and then, just click on "Request QSL card" option to move on to the next screen, where you have to insert our QSO data in the empty boxes, to confirm QSO data details with ClubLog, like shown below:

After inserting QSO data, click "Confirm QSO details" and 2 options will show up in "QSL options" respective box, like below:

You now have the option to request the QSL card either via bureau, or via Direct mail to your address. Bureau is free of charge, Direct costs 2.43 EUR per 4 QSOs (as many as fit in my QSL card, hi!). Choosing Direct, will lead you to a checkout form which will be finalized via PayPal payment.

Kudos to ClubLog owners for implementation of OQRS service.
Not only QSLing is made easy, one may also confirm he is "in the log", before requesting one`s QSL card. To my humble opinion, the best advantage of the system is that it saves you time and money, while at the same time pertaining a high level of availability and freely offering a full set of OQRS management tools.

Note that if you already are a registered ClubLog user and have uploaded your QSO data, when searching my logs, you won`t need filling in the QSO data in the white boxes, they are automatically filled by your log data. And that`s it!

Enjoy ClubLog`s services and should you require any assistance, don`t hesitate to drop me a line at: 

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