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Saturday, March 15, 2014

USA-CA County Award with E-QSL only confirmations earned and arrived

Endless hours on the radios, tons of QRM and QRN down the ear tunnel, so hard for my part of the world to achieve it, yet the CQ USA-CA County Award Nr. 3638 has been awarded and arrived yesterday in the mailbox !!

The remark "All E-QSL" at the endorsement sector of the award says it all. We are in for good into a new era of operating our radio stations. Networking and globalization have zeroed distances between people far apart, everything is easier and faster, as they want to make our way of living. No more waiting time, no more paperwork going back and forth ... electronic means of various aspects are here to service us. Use them at your advantage ... Total application time, approval, payment, shipment and arrival of my USA-CA award was a mere 2 weeks !!

Back to the USA-CA award ... IT IS ENORMOUS in size ... didn`t think it would be larger than a A3 or B3 page ... yet it measures 35,5 x 44 cm !!! It doesn`t fit in my awards` wall ...

It is not printed on paper, it more like a papyrus of some kind, coloring is superb and overall decoration is amazing, topped by the flags of each of the 50 U.S., surrounding the main theme.

Ted, K1BV has done an amazing job with this award has made it very easy to apply for and complete, through

Here is a HQ photo of the award itself:

Use and see for yourself whether you are liable to apply for it, too !!

73 and enjoy DX
Stathis, SV5DKL

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