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Friday, March 21, 2014

J42T - CQ WPX SSB 2014

Last preparations are under way at Leo, SV2DCD's QTH for our participation in 2014's CQ WPX SSB Contest, in M/2 category, under the callsign of Northern Greece Contest Team, J42T.
A fine group of SSB contesters will be gathered from all over Greece to join J42T in this effort, which is dedicated to our good fellow Panos, SY2ALT, who became a SK very early.
I was very excited to receive Leo's invitation for this effort on the first days of December 2013, and with no further hesitation, I made all necessary arrangements and pinpointed my calendar !!
Leo has a very well appointed amateur radio installation, which aids significantly to the success of J42T effort and to a great score. Check his blog for more Info:
Also, an interesting feature will commence at J42T during the contest, that is LIVE video & audio directly from the transceivers, will be available for viewing.
You will be able to see and hear us operating, by clicking here:
Further detailed info on J42T and the team formation for CQ WPX SSB 2014 may be found here:

All of the team members hope for the best, and of course we will have lots of fun and spend time with each other to strengthen our relationships.
If you hear us during the CQ WPX SSB 2014 contest, give us a call. We'll need it.
Stathis, SV5DKL

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