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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WPX Award of Excellence Plaque ... Done !!

A most prestigious plaque I've been chasing for several years is finally hanging on my trophy wall. It is actually the 2nd WPX AoE plaque awarded amongst the 4 Greek Amateur Radio DXCC entities (SV, SV5, SV9 & SV/A).

The WPX Award of Excellence plaque is the highest recognition of the CQ WPX Awards program, for having worked & confirmed amateur radio prefixes, under specific prerequisites.

To sum it up, one has to have accomplished ALL of the following:

1) At least 1000 prefixes confirmed in Mixed mode
2) At least 600 prefixes confirmed in SSB mode
3) At least 600 prefixes confirmed in CW mode
4) At least 160 prefixes from North America confirmed
5) At least 95 prefixes from South America confirmed
6) At least 160 prefixes from Europe confirmed
7) At least 90 prefixes from Africa confirmed
8) At least 75 prefixes from Asia confirmed
9) At least 90 prefixes from Oceania confirmed
10) At least 175 prefixes confirmed on 80m band
11) At least 250 prefixes confirmed on 40m band
12) At least 300 prefixes confirmed on 20m band
13) At least 300 prefixes confirmed on 15m band
14) At least 300 prefixes confirmed on 10m band

with Extra endorsements available for Digital modes, 160, 60, 30, 17, 12 & 6m bands, for those WHO have qualified.

Next plaques to be applied for soon will be the 5B DXCC (with endorsements for another 5 bands, so that it will be 10B DXCC), and the DXCC Challenge (as soon as I reach the 2000 level, currently numbering 1910 confirmed).


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