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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

700 Jahre Stadt Eckernförde award - FREE through DARC`s DCL System

Browsing through DARC`s DCL system today, I noticed a new award in the list. That was 700 Jahre Stadt Eckernförde award, that is 700 years of the city of Eckernförde in DOK M01 in Germany.

Rules were simple (see also, and there were 3 different classes awarded. 

Checking my points against the rules, DCL showed I could apply online for the top class (Klasse 1.) for this award. What is more, the PDF version of the award is free (there is a paid for paper version available, if you wish!) and the whole procedure (check points, apply in specific class, approval, printout of the award) was completed in less than 30 minutes (including e-mail message concerning application approval from the award manager) !!

So, here is a nice and relatively easy award to obtain, with just a few clicks in DARC`s DCL:


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