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Monday, July 9, 2012

1st Balkan HST Championship - Bulgaria - Summer 2013

BFRA through its representative, Panayot Danev, has informed us that they intend to organize the 1st Balkan HST Championship during the summer of 2013 (June or July). It will be a weekend event (Friday to Sunday) and its aim is to attract HST competitors from all Balkan countries.

HST athletes will compete on 3 sports:
1) Callsign Receiving Test, through RufZ software, according to the official rules,
2) Morse Runner Test (Pile-up simulation), according to the official rules, and ...
3) Transmission Test, mixed text only, in 5 character groups.

More info & details of the event will come out by mid-November 2012.

Personally, I really want to participate in this HST event, where I will meet with good old friends of mine and enjoy a mini-vacation in a neighbour-country.

Have a nice day and a cool week !!

73s from Rhodes Island.


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