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Thursday, July 26, 2012

8B DXCC through LotW confirmations only !!

Gary, CU2JT, was kind enough to confirm our 30m QSO we had a couple of days ago, in LotW, summing up my LotW 30m cfmed DXCCs to 100 !! Many thanks, Gary.

With this last confirmation, I finally reached 8B DXCC through LotW confirmations only, for 80/40/30/20/17/15/12 and 10 meters.

Now, a bit extra effort should be made for obtaining 100 LotW cfmed DXCCs on 160m and 6m, the two most interesting HF edges.

Time to get back to work now, later on today I am starting my preparations for this weekend's RSGB IOTA contest. Will run in IOTA FIXED SOA CW 12Hrs category from Rhodes Island, EU-001. If you happen to hear me calling, please give me a call.


Stathis, SV5DKL

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Leo Fiskas said...

fb Stathis.Congratulations !!!