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Monday, July 30, 2012

RSGB IOTA Contest 2012 Score (Island - SO12CW LP)

RSGB Island On The Air 2012 Contest is now over and once again I was there to contribute with EU-001 IOTA reference to the contest's success.
Last year I took part in the 24hr CW only HP Assisted category for the IOTA Fixed section, but this year, due to several daytime familt obligations, I just had to cut it down and enter the 12hr CW only, Unassisted LP category.
Still, this year's result amazes me, since it is just under 100k points less than 2011's respective score, but in half the partcipation time.

In summary, in 2012's RSGB IOTA Contest I managed to do this:

80m: 34 QSOs, 340 QSO points, 16 IOTA references
40m: 182 QSOs, 1490 QSO points, 44 IOTA references
20m: 350 QSOs, 2320 QSO points, 47 IOTA references
15m: 237 QSOs, 1560 QSO points, 26 IOTA references
10m: 21 QSOs, 195 QSO points, 7 IOTA references
Totals: 824 QSOs, 5905 QSO points, 140 multipliers > 826.700 points

As every year, EU IOTA's participation was vast and I may also have worked a few new ones during the contest. Relatively bad propagation on 10m, 15m was normal, 20m was good to the West while open, and 40/80 were marginal OK for EU.
Sad not to see much IOTA activity from SA and OC. Maybe propagation was not favouring contacts with those areas from my location.
If my submitted score is not deducted too much from RSGB IOTA Contest Committee log checking, I may have broken the IOTA Contest record for this specific category, set by IM0/DL2RMC last year with 767.136 points !! We'll just have to wait and see ...


Stathis, SV5DKL

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