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Monday, October 8, 2012

2nd GTC CW Cup - Again ... a success !!

The 2nd GTC CW Cup held on 6 & 7 October is now over and was most enjoyed by all participants.

Many logs have already been received, mostly by non-SV participants, and from their included comments derives that the scope of GTC CW Cup was met and CW was once more well advertised.

Personally, as GTC CW Cup Contest Manager, I have to thank each and every one of you guys that have taken part in this year's event of the Greek Telegraphy Club and I assure you that the GTC CW Cup Contest Committee will again do its best to organize an even better 3rd GTC CW Cup next year.
Although I had few hours available to participate I managed to make 102 QSOs, at least half of them with GTC members. software which supported GTC CW Cup, provided by Kresimir, 9A5K, worked flawlessly at my side and integrated DXCluster, Rig control and CW keying+messages with no problems.

The only issue during the event, was the TRC Contest held during the exact same period with the GTC CW Cup, which caused a bit of confusion to some participants. After all, the TRC committee announced their contest dates quite late, even after we had published the official rules & dates of the 2nd GTC CW Cup.

2nd GTC CW Cup rules and info were populated and "marketed" this year especially well, to CW clubs, National Amateur Radio Organizations, IARU, online Contest Calendars, CW enthusiasts worldwide, Amateur Radio magazines and of course, our GTC members list.

Nonetheless, the editor of an amateur radio magazine, who always erroneously insists on "Reference to the Source" for his magazine's articles that are published elsewhere, has included the 2nd GTC CW Cup announcement info, as it was sent out originally, but with modified text and not mentioning the Reference to the Source he got it from. It was the only case of this issue, amongst the vast amateur radio media worldwide. Let's hope next time his own rules will be followed.

I have to congratulate DK4WF, IK0EFR, SV1/SV2KBS, SV4FFL and SV8GKE for keeping up the pace and bearing with me working them in 4 out of 5 bands.

I wish Good Luck with the results to all participants and after the first fortnight of November 2012, all submitted logs will be published at the official site of GTC CW Cup:

For the preliminary and final results after cross-checks, you will have to wait a bit more ...

73s/55s de Stathis, SV5DKL

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