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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Worked All Germany (WAG) this weekend !!

Coming up this weekend (20-21/10/2012) is the 2012 Worked All Germany (WAG) Contest. Duration is 24 hours, starting 1500z on Saturday until 1459z on Sunday.
The objective ... easy. For non-DL stations, just work DLs with different DOKs as multipliers. DLs work the world, but with their independent ruling/scoring.
During the previous years' WAG contests, there was significant confusion with stations participating in JOTA (Jamboree On The Air scouting activity), that led many OPs to getting is with most contest-weekends nowadays...
DARC, that is organizing the WAG Contest, has included in 2012's rules the following recommendations:
According to IARU recommendations operation should be avoided outside contest-preferred segments. To reduce interference with the participants of JOTA contest operation is not allowed in the following contest-free sections:
80m: CW - 3560 - 3800 kHz, SSB – 3650 – 3700 kHz
40m: CW - 7040 - 7200 kHz, SSB – 7080 – 7140 kHz
20m: CW - 14060 - 14350 kHz, SSB – 14100 – 14125 kHz and 14280 – 14350 kHz
15m: SSB – 21350 – 21450 kHz
10m: SSB – 28225 – 28400 kHz
It is the least they could do to give a guiding line to the potential participants and they have my kudos for that.
Btw, here is my pdf certificate for my participation in 2010's WAG Contest:
I believe that in the future, there should be a more "handy" prize for the winners of WAG contest categories.
My participation in 2012 WAG Contest will be time-limited to evening hours mostly and possibly in CW only category.
CU there!
73s de Stathis, SV5DKL

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