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Monday, September 30, 2013

2013 CQ WW RTTY Contest Aftermath ... One down, two to go !!

It'd been a while since I last put a full-time effort on this one, but this year's CQ WW RTTY contest had it all .. good condx, lots of traffic, disciplined stations and on top of all, FUN!

My choice of category entry was decided on Friday evening, few hours before the start. Several weekend obligations wouldn't have permitted a full-time daytime presence on the bands, so from the low bands, 40m was selected. I entered the contest in the SOSB(A)/40 LP category, which seems to have worked OK for me.

It is, indeed, a real torture trying to survive your signal on 40m with just 95W and an Inv-L, even worse to handle a pile-up. Still, I managed to pull through quite well, making a considerable score of almost 165k points.

Here is my QSO summary in brief:

Contest: 2013 CQ WW RTTY
Callsign: SV5DKL
Category: SOSB(A)/40 LP
Claimed Score: 164328 points
40m QSOs: 601 (606 w/ dupes)
40m DXCCs: 73
40m Zones: 21
40m States/Provinces: 29
Hours on-air: 19.5 / 48

Considering the official records list of CQ magazine here, a good placement is expected for this entry.

My contest log analysis can be browsed through by clicking here.

CU in the SSB part from my QTH and in the CW part from SZ1A Contest Station in western Greece, where almost all of the best Greek CW ops will gather to try and set a new M/S (or M/2) record.

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