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Monday, September 9, 2013

3rd GTC CW Cup Rules are announced

Rules and prerequisites of the 3rd Greek Telegraphy Club CW Cup have been announced on the official site of GTC here:
This year's rules have been updated, in order to give a more sophisticated and meritocratic character to the event.
It is worth mentioning that GTC's club station, SZ1SV, with member number GTC 1000, will be activated circularly from several territories of Greece. The activity of the club station from Attica region will use the callsign SZ1SV, while activities from other regions of Greece will use SZ1SV/SVx callsigns, where x=the number that corresponds to the respective Greek territory.
We will be present, of course, maintaining the good reputation this event has gained and giving out our membership number for a new mult to the participants.

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