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Monday, September 2, 2013

European CW Association Presidential Elections are over !!

In the middle of July, EUCW Association officials called for vote all ECMs (European Communication Managers) from EUCW club members, because the 3 year presidential period of former EUCW president, Ivan Ivanov, LZ1PJ had expired and according to EUCW statute, immediate actions should be taken to elect a new president after official elections.

Right to vote was given to all clubs that fulfilled specific requirements, such as number of members, presence in EUCW activities/events, etc.

As ECM of the Greek Telegraphy Club, I was called to vote for the new president, representing GTC vote.

Two courageous candidancies were proposed in time, one from G5VZ and the other from ON4LDL. Their bios were posted in EUCW official web site, in order for voting ECMs to evaluate their suitability for the presidential post.

Voting process was administered by Don Field, G3XTT as an Election Returns Officer and monitored by Martin, IK2RMZ. Votes were being accepted via e-mail to Don, during timeframe 1-31 August 2013.

16 EUCW member clubs' votes were received by Don during this timeframe and amongst them were votes from clubs that updated their membership numbers.

Yesterday, September 1st, 2013, the final results were reported by Don and the winner of the election process was G5VZ, Chris Pearson by 15 votes to 1 that went to ON4LDL, Robert Michaux.

G5VZ's role is quite demanding and vital in order to preserve CW activity among EUCW and its club members.

As ECM of GTC, I'd like to express my best wishes to Chris for the hard work he has taken over and my belief that he will pull through and stand up to the special requirements of the role of the President of the European CW Association.


Stathis, SV5DKL
E.C.M. - G.T.C.
G.T.C. #028
GTC CW Cup Contest Manager

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