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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

2013 CQ WW RTTY contest next weekend ... contest season begins !!

Finally, after a hot summer with not so many DX thrills, nor even good 2m & up propagation in contrast with previous seasons, the famous fall contest season begins. And XZ1Z was a good DX warm-up ...

It all starts in coming weekend with the CQ WW RTTY Contest. Rules have changed (again!) and you if you intend to participate you should read them from the official site of CQ WW RTTY here.

Be careful !! From this year on, no 160m RTTY operation will be allowed, different country contacts within any continent (not just North America) get 2 points, Same-country contacts get 1 point and in M/S categories there will be a category discrimination between HP and LP stations. Also, the 10-minute rule for M/S entrants has transformed into a maximum allowable 8 band-changes per hour.


Rules are available in 13 different languages at and in there you will also be able to see all empty record sheets for your DXCC entity under "Records" tab, so this may make you set a new target for your potential participation.

For my part of the world in SV5-land, there are plenty of such target-setting choices, due to very low RTTY activity. Of course, I will participate and give out the (rare in RTTY) SV5 mult from Zone 20, aiming for a good result. My category of participation will be decided literally hours before the start of the contest, mainly due to other obligations to be taken care of during the contest weekend.

As always, all my contest QSOs will be uploaded to LotW, eQSL and Clublog, on Monday, September 30th. So, if you do miss SV5 in RTTY, or it is an ATNO for you, here is your chance to fill in those slots in your DXCC sheets, with no fuss of QSL cards, GSs, IRCs, paypal donations, OQRS, etc.

Any contest QSO sked is welcome and will be accepted until Friday, September 27th at 1800z. 

Quite a few stations from SV and SV9 will participate as well, and I wish them all Good Luck.

Contest season will proceed with the other two major CQ WWs, SSB part at the end of October (will do SOABHP targetting to a new personal record) and CW at the end of November (I will travel to Western Greece, where almost all of the best Greek CW operators will gather to assist SZ1A contest station set a new record for Greece, and why not, for Zone 20).

73 and enjoy contesting.

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