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Friday, April 4, 2014

ZD7VC St. Helena - Another new one on 6m

I know that most of you had already worked ZD7 on 6m, but until yesterday evening that was a new one for me, too.

Bruce, ZD7VC from St. Helena island (AF-022) was spotted by numerous southern european stations on the DX-cluster at 50.183 SSB, so I thought I'd give it a try.

And, there he was !! A huge 5/7 signal with clear, punchy audio was heard in my headphones. I worked him first call, after turning the beam to his direction and loading up the amp, and after our QSO, I stayed QRV on his frequency to check what stations he kept on working. He, indeed, worked a lot of SVs, as well as 9As and S5s. During my time monitoring his QSOs, his signal peaked up to a real 5/9 to the s-meter of my FT-2K.

That was just incredible and propagation favored particularly the eastern mediterranean countries. Lucky me !!

Bruce gave me nr. 94 DXCC worked on 6m and the target set is to reach 100 DXCCs on 6m until the end of coming June, which I think would be somewhat easy to achieve.

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