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Monday, April 14, 2014

3rd GTC CW Cup preliminary results on-air !!

Today, I have uploaded all in-time submitted logs of the 3rd GTC CW Cup in public, as well as the preliminary score rankings, before the QSO cross-checking, at Greek Telegraphy Club's official web site here.

While on Cat. B' (SOAB/QRP), it is pretty clear that SV1KU/QRP will be the trophy winner, on Cat. A' (SOAB) a real drama is going to take place !!

At the top 3 places of the preliminary ranking, SV1JGX, SV1ME & SV1/SV2FWV are very close, as they have accomplished similar results. The battle will be judged upon the number of QSOs that will be confirmed and those derive from the QSO cross-checking, as the rules of the GTC CW Cup clearly state.

It is going to be a time of patience for those 3, who are all very good friends of mine, until the final results will arise, clearing everything out. Still, the trophy winner of Cat. A' is going to be only one and he will be lucky enough to receive the beautiful and BIG cup that GTC is going to award him with.

While we are working on the organization of the 4th GTC CW Cup, I leave you browsing through the preliminary results and the public logs of the participants, waiting for any comments or notes from you, to this e-mail address:

Stathis, SV5DKL
E.C.M. - G.T.C.
G.T.C. #028
GTC CW Cup Contest Manager

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