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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

B-45 High Altitude Balloon is alive !!


B-45 High Altitude Balloon is currently flying at almost 9km height, across Dodecanese islands.

Tracking team had lost its signs, since it travelled from the west coasts of France to near Madeira and back into the Mediterranean.

Today morning, I got its telemetry, as my setup was ready and the balloon's flight prediction was right towards Rhodes island.

The tracking team, as well as the balloon owner/experimenter himself are very pleased and happy, and by the telemetry data I've uploaded to the respective tracker:
,they believe it could break the flight record of HAB B11/12. We are close to 115 hours of flight by now, and we will need another 3 days of active tracking of B-45, in order to break that record.
Below, is a screenshot of the current B-45 reception, as presented in
and here is a screenshot of my DL-FlDigi screen decoding B-45's transmitted telemetry on 434.500 USB in Contestia 8/250 mode:
I will keep feeding up the system with B-45's telemetry data as long as possible, and I hope there will be more tracking receivers to chase its flight route until its end of life.

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