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Thursday, April 17, 2014

SV5DKL atop 1800 DXCC Challenge mark

After my previous post regarding my DXCC Challenge progress, back in November 2013, I was sure that the ascending rate would deteriorate substantially.

I was right!

It wasn't until today, after 166 days, that a QSO with S9TF on 12m SSB was confirmed in LotW, to take me on the 1800 DXCC Challenge mark.

It is obvious, that if no DXpeditions upload their logs to LotW, filling missing bandslots becomes a pain in the neck. What proves that, is my worked DXCC challenge number, which currently resides on number 2331, for my SV5DKL callsign, according to my Logger32 respective report. Also, the fact that I haven't sent any direct QSL requests in a long time ...

So, here is my current DXCC Challenge standings in LotW, for my SV5DKL, as of 17.April.2014:

, and the respective ranking for my SV1DKL callsign, as of 17.April.2014:
I will not set an intermediate pit-stop ... next target set will be the vague 2000 mark !!
Stathis, SV5DKL

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